These Graphs were created for Carolina to showcase and analyze her Strengths vs. her Weaknesses by test category

Carolina Gilliam Trade Compliance Analyst GOAT GROUP

“Avi and I started working together a month prior to the October 2022 exam. He helped me see the bigger picture and taught me how to maximilize my strengths rather than focus on my weaknesses. After working with Avi just once, my practice test score jumped from a 76% to an 81% all because he pointed out a few common errors after reviewing the tests I had taken so far. He is straight to the point, no sugar coating, he wants you to understand what you are doing that is dragging your score down and tells you how to fix it. Studying with Avi was very comfortable and personable, I could tell he was geniunely rooting for me and wanted me to pass. I would recommend his guidance to anyone who wants to sit for the CBLE, no matter your experience in the field or stage of studying you’re currently in.”