Customs Entry Writing Career Outlook Looks Promising!

It is becoming more and more difficult to enter into a new field or explore a new career prospect in the modern world when you have no experience. On average, companies require at least three years of experience before they will even entertain an interview. With access to a trade school, one can almost completely eliminate this arbitrary barrier to entry. Although you don’t need a bachelor’s degree or any other accompanying certification to become a Customs Entry Writer you do need to have experience. Before the inception of our new Workshop this was usually done through a slow on the job training process. In order to test the appeal of our future Workshop we decided to conduct market research into the career prospects of Customs Entry Writers, and in doing so we stumbled upon some very interesting findings.

We spoke with around a dozen logistics recruiters around the United States and what we heard time and again was very eye opening. Almost every recruiter we spoke to said it is very difficult, and sometimes almost impossible to find a suitable candidate to fill a vacant role. When we approached logistics recruiters about our new Customs Entry Writing Workshop we received an overwhelming positive reception. One such recruiter, Jennifer Barnes from Remx, told us that it would be a terrific idea as her company is always looking for Customs Entry Writers.

Since the average length of an employment stay for a Customs Entry Writer is 1-2 years, recruiters are constantly trying to fill these positions. Also, according to Investopedia, the number one-way individuals find jobs is through networking. By utilizing our 6-year accumulated talent acquisition network to your advantage you can really speed this process up. That coupled with the need for Customs Entry Writers due to high turnover rates makes this both an exciting and worthwhile career to pursue. If you are interested in learning more about our Customs Entry Writing Workshop you can email us at goldsteincustomsbrokers@gmail.com or you can call my cell at 516-724-3853.

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